CS 5450 - Spring 2020 Networked and Distributed Systems

Welcome to CS 5450

Welcome to CS 5450: Networked and Distributed Computing at Cornell Tech. This course introduces students to the design and implementation of networked and distributed systems. Topics include the basics of networking (including Internet architecture, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and routing), distributed protocols, foundations of mobile and Web computing, virtualization, cloud computing, reliability, fault tolerance, and security in distributed systems, and introduction to performance evaluation. Course labs, projects, and exercises include a significant implementation component and require working knowledge of C/C++.

The class Mon-Wed 5:00pm-6:15pm. Location: Bloomberg 131.

Piazza group

Please use Piazza for all interactions regarding the class.

Course Staff

Vitaly Shmatikov (Instructor)

email: shmat@cs.cornell.edu

Office hours: Send an email in advance

Jialing Pei (TA)

email: jp2475@cornell.edu

Office hours: Thursdays 10am-11am, Bloomberg 367

Eugene Bagdasaryan (half-TA)

email: eugene@cs.cornell.edu

Office hours: Tuesdays 3-4pm, Bloomberg 367

You can use Zoom.us to connect to the meeting remotely(let me know in advance): https://cornell.zoom.us/j/873713898

Important notes:


Academic Integrity

The utmost level of academic integrity is expected of all students.

Under no circumstances may you submit work done with or by someone else under your own name. However, general questions regarding the class are permissible. If you are unsure post on Piazza privately.

You must acknowledge by name anyone whom you consulted. You may not give nor receive assistance from anyone else during an exam or midterm. You may not give any hints or post any material that might be part of a solution publicly on Piazza. If your question necessarily includes such material, post privately.

If you are unsure about what is permissible and what is not, please ask.

Academic Integrity Resources: